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Soaps ecommerce website


Soap ecommerce website design

We have just completed the corporate branding and ecommerce website design for Smiths Soaps online store, a new website selling a huge range of soaps and handmade cosmetics online.

The ecommerce website design side of this project was very important and we feel we have created a visually stunning site that really embodies the companies brand and product line. As well as being great looking the site is very easy to use and functional, we included lots of different elements such as Wishlist, Compare Products, Mutliple Images, Image Zoom, Members Area, etc. all which we feel make the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible for Smiths Soaps customers.

To finish we also added a full Content Management System to the ecommerce website design allowing the site owner to amend static pages as well as add new products and delete or amend existing products at the click of a button.


TestimonialWe spent over a year trying different ecommerce websites, we found all had flaws and faults. We got so tired of the bugsĀ we were going to end online selling, this was until we came across Unltd Ecommerce – we are very happy with the excellent service and first class website design, the whole process was a pleasure and well worth the monthly fee. Now we can concentrate on selling without worrying about design. Superb job all round, we recommend Unltd Ecommerce for any size business.

Lee Smith
Owner – Smiths Soaps

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Date : February 13 ,2013
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