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Fitter Windows


Fitter Windows are changing the way you buy your double glazed windows and doors online. We were lucky enough to work with them from the start of their brand new project, building an online system to allow you to get an instant price for your replacement windows at the click of a button.  This is a huge project, with a mass of different elements.  We have been working on developing this new system for the past 6 weeks and now are proud to launch their brand new e-commerce website.

The website is all built around the “online quote system”.  This system is one of the main elements that helps Fitter Windows stand out from the crowd of other double glazing companies.  The “Get your quote” page has a cleverly written module in place that allows you to browse through the different types of uPVC front doors, french doors and double glazed windows. Once you find the style that you want for your house you can personalise the window or door for your home.  You can enter in the size of your windows and doors and select everything from the colour, style, glass design and even the letterbox material.  It really is a great way of designing the perfect windows and doors for your home.  The system gives you a price in an instant as soon as you have entered the size of your windows and doors. You can then choose different options and see the price change until you are 100% happy with your price.

We have designed a nice, clean responsive website to house this quote system. Using the clients existing branding we followed the green theme throughout the site with a very subtle use of colour to give a modern feel. The site is gives a lot of information about the different product ranges, with so many different types of windows and doors to choose from.  To give even more information, we have give the client a nice easy to use blog system, that will allow them to post further articles and news about the different product ranges and styles.

This has been a great project to work on and we are happy to see the website is now live and selling for Fitter Windows.

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Date : August 10 ,2016
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