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Ecommerce online tips for success

Ecommerce online tips for the success of your online store

This week we have some great Newsletter tips for marketing your ecommerce  online website

So, you have an amazing ecommerce online store designed and filled with your products. You are making a few online sales but how can you be more proactive to increase your sales online?This week we are talking about one of our favourite e-commerce online add-ons, it is such a simple addition to your website but in our 10 years of ecommerce development, we have seen this make a huge impact on how our customers do business online. I’m talking about The Newsletter!

Connecting with your customers, both old and new can be a great sales tool.  Just by adding a simple “join newsletter box” to your homepage or a “tick to join newsletter” on your ecommerce checkout page can make the difference between having a customer who buys one of your products and having a loyal customer who frequents your online store and passes information on about it to their friends.

So where do I start I hear you ask? First of all, ask your ecommerce web developer to add your newsletter sign-up form to your ecommerce website and you will soon see your mailing list grow.  Then, you need to design an attractive first newsletter that will help bolster your companies brand and also make for an engaging read.  Even if it only reaches a handful of clients to begin with, these are all potential long term customers who have the potential of sharing the information you send to them.

What should my newsletter contain?
Ecommerce Online MarketingStarting with a clear offer for your customers to use with your online store is always a good idea to get the ball rolling.
By giving a specific special offer to newsletter members gives them the feeling that they are getting a better deal than everybody else, this is a great way to attract people back to your website to buy.

We have used this method for clients for years with great success. The latest example of this is Pamper your Pooch (Dog Shop). This company create new discount codes every 2 weeks and send them out to their newsletter members to use online.  Using the discount codes has been a great way of tracking the success of each newsletter, excellent for finding out what your customers like to receive the most.

As well as special offers your newsletter could be used to build awareness of new product lines, special products available for set periods or even online competitions. The main aim of this process is to build a relationship with your customers, so that they have brand loyalty towards you and continue to purchase your products – keep this in mind when creating your newsletter and you will be fine.

For more information about ecommerce online and newsletters you can contact the design team at Unltd E-commerce, they have years experience working on projects like this and are always happy to help.  Visit their website at or email

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What a week for Unltd Ecommerce

The Unltd Ecommerce offices have been hectic this week with the arrival of two new clients and one other ecommerce website launch just around the corner.  Everybody at Unltd Ecommerce would like to say a big “welcome aboard” to Boyles Pet Housing, we are looking forward to working with you and creating an amazing brand for your company.  Boyles are a great company creating a wide range of pet housing including rabbit hutches, dog kennels and even chicken coops.  Boyles will be offering a bespoke build service which is a great way to get the perfect home for your pets. Watch this space for the all new website and corporate branding coming very soon.

If you are looking to improve your business online please give Unltd Ecommerce a call, we can help with everything from affordable ecommerce websites through to stunning branding and SEO.  Call now on 020 3544 8132 or drop us an email to

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Launching our new site…

Hi everybody, we are currently upgrading our servers and updating our website to make it even easier to use and contact us to get your very own eCommerce website designed. We hope you like the new look site, if you have any questions or would like to start your eCommerce project with us please give us a call now on 020 3544 8132

Ecommerce Website Showcase

As you will see we have a new “Showcase” section to the site, we will be adding more and more of our clients projects here for you to see. This will include some of our favourite eCommerce website design projects, as well as some of our other work with branding and online marketing materials. We are very proud of our work and are looking forward to sharing some of finest examples with you over the coming weeks.

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